Aleksandr Mashin

Машин Александр ИвановичIRCIMA Co-Head, Head of Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials of Lobachevski State University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN).

Birth day: 23.08.1954

Post: IRCIMA Co-Head

Academic rank: professor (full)

Academic degree: PhD, D.Si

Telephone: +7-831-462-3314


Thesis: New allotropic form of silicon: preparation and properties

Research interests: solid state physics, non-crystalline semiconductor physics, ion implantation physics, liquid crystal physics.

Scientific Activities: Over 130 publications including 3 inventions, 3 patents, participation in more than 25 Russian and 15 international conferences.

Primary publications:

  • А.Ф. Хохлов, А.И. Машин, Аллотропия кремния: Монография, Н. Новгород: Изд-во Нижегородского госуниверситета, - 222 с., 2002
  • Khokhlov A. F., Mashin A. I., On silicon allotropy, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 4, No. 3, pages: 523-534, 2002
  • Kudryashov M.A., Mashin A.I., Logunov A.A., Chidichimo G., De Filpo G. Dielectric properties of Ag/PAN nanocomposites // Technical Physics. V. 59. № 7. 2014. P. 1012–1016.
  • Logunov A.A., Mashin A.I., Stroganov I.Yu. On the role of metal contacts in solar cells based on titanium dioxide and di-(isothiocyanate)-bis-(2,2'-bipyridyl-4,4'-dicarboxylate)ruthenium(II) // Semiconductors. V. 48. № 5. 2014. P. 683-685.
  • Pakhomov G.L., Travkin V.V., Tropanova A.N., Mashin A.I., Logunov A.A. Organic photovoltaic cells on polymeric substrates with buffer nanolayers // Nanotechnologies in Russia. V. 9. № 1-2. 2014. P. 77-81.
  • Alekseev P.A., Dunaevskiy M.S., Ulin V.P., Lvova T.V., Filatov D.O., Nezhdanov A.V., Mashin A.I., Berkovits V.L. Nitride surface passivation of GaAs nanowires: Impact on surface state density // NANOLett. V. 15. № 1. 2015. P. 63-68.
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  • Giovanni De Filpo, Mashin A.I., Amerigo Beneduci, Giuseppe Chidichimo Reduced OFF-axis haze in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals // Liquid Crystals. V. 44. № 9. 2017. P. 1477-1483.


Since his graduation from the Faculty of Physics at Lobachevsky University (Gorky State University) in 1976 (specialist’s degree «Semiconductors and dielectric») Aleksandr Mashin has been working at the same University. He defended his Candidate Degree (PhD Degree) thesis in 1982. Doctor of Sciences Degree – in 1999. Associate professor –  in 1984, Professor (Full)– since 2000. 

Since 2000 – full professor at the chair of physics of semiconductors and optoelectronics. Past teaching courses: … Current teaching courses:…Academic secretary of academic and methodological commission in “Microelectronics and semiconductor equipment” (Academic and methodological association in education in the sphere of automatics, electronics, microelectronics and radiotechnics, the member of academic and methodological council for training of specialists in “Nanotechnology”.

The member of Academic Council of Research Institute for Physics and Technology (2003-2017), the member of Academic Council at the UNN Faculty of Physics, Vice-President of the special council for Doctor of Sciences Degree defenses at the Faculty of Physics. Honored staff member of the UNN. From 2014 to 2018 – the member of the Supervisory Council of the UNN.

During the period of 2003-2017 – Deputy Vice-Rector for research, deputy head of the Research department at the UNN. 2005-2014 – the head of the laboratory “Physics and chemistry of liquid crystals”, since 2008 – the head of the research laboratory “Solid State electronics and optoelectronics” in the UNN Research Department, since 2014 – the head of the laboratory of functional nanomaterials at the UNN.

Since 1994 in accordance with the international agreement on faculty exchange and in the framework of Russian-Italian University Aleksandr Mashin has been invited several times to work as a visiting professor in UNICAL (University of Calabria, Italy) giving lectures for students and PhD students at the faculty of natural sciences, physics and mathematics and participating in joint research activities. Since 2006 – Co-Head of the Italian/Russian Center for Intelligent Material Applications – IRCIMA. As the result of this collaboration 2 UNN PhD students successfully defended their PhD thesis in UNICAL.  Since 2008 Aleksandr Mashin has been the member of Commissione Giudicatrice per il conseguimento del titolo di dottore di ricerca in Scienze e tecnologie delle materiali.