Microscope Axioskop 40A Pol

Axioskop 40A PolType: Polirized microscope of transmitted and reflected light

Fabricator: Carl Zeiss (http://www.zeiss.ru/)

Description: Polirized microscope Axioskop 40APol with improved “Pyramid” design and with module construction is based on Carl Zeiss time-tested principles of microscope construction and therefore it combines contemporary requirements to the shape, ergonomics, functionality and technical quality. Microscope’s optical system allows to expose objects on Keller principle.


* Field lens CP-”Achromat” 5x/0.12 Pol;

* Field lens CP-”Achromat” 50x/0.8 Pol;

* EC “Plan-Neofluar” 100x/1.30 Oil Pol.