Scientific fields


The aims and objectives of the research IRCIMA Center are determined by the Scientific Council on the basis of IRCIMA Center presidents’ joint proposals and are approved biennially.

Scientific interests on 2021-2022:

  1. Development of new technologies for the purification of blood, wastewater effluents and surface water from organic pollutants, such as pharmaceutical active compounds, which pose a potential threat to health and the environment, by combining membrane separation and advanced oxidation processes that complement each other;
  2. Development of new methods of preparation and study of the properties of complex telluride glasses films for single-mode integrated optical components for spatial interferometry, biomedical sensing or environmental metrology;
  3. Development and investigated of new electro-optical devices formed by polymer membranes (PMDLC) and membranes on carbon nanotubes dispersed by a liquid crystal;
  4. Design and study of micro- and nano-structured materials and devices for energy production and saving.