FTIR spectrometer Spectrum BX II

ИК спектрометр Spectrum BX IIType: FTIR spectrometer

Fabricator: Perkin Elmer (http://www.perkinelmer.com/)


Single-beam scanning IR-spectrometer with Fourier transformation. It serves for researching into transmission spectra in IR range.


Technical properties:

* Spectral range from 7800 to 350 sm-1;

* Scanning speed range – up to 1,5 sm с-1;

* Bottom level of scanning speed – not worse than 0,25 sm с-1;

* Spectral resolution – not worse than 0,85 sm-1;

* Correlation Signal/Noise not less than 55000/1 (RMS) for 1-min phone and sample scanning in range of 2250-2150 sm-1 and in resolution 4 sm-1;

* Spectrometer is equipped with interferometer free of dynamic deviation and not requiring dynamic positioning.