The Co-Heads of IRCIMA Center are:

At the UNN – Prof. A.I. Mashin
At the UNICAL – Prof. G. Chidichimo

Scientific Council of IRCIMA Center

  • UNN Vice-Rector for Scientific Research – Co-President;
  • UNICAL Vice-Rector for Scientific Research – Co-President;
  • UNN Dean of the Department of Physics;
  • UNICAL Director of the Department of Chemistry;
  • UNN Head of  Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory (earlier Physics and Chemistry of liquid crystals Laboratory) at the scientific and research department;
  • UNICAL Head of  Liquid Crystals and Intelligent Materials on Polymer Basis Laboratory .

Профессор А.И. Машин и профессор Дж. КидикимоProf. A.I.Mashin and Prof. G. Chidichimo working out the agreement about the creation of the joint scientific and research center.