Spectrophotometer Cary 5000

Double-beam spectrophotometer, operated from PC. It serves for measuring optical properties of materials (crystals, wafers, thin films), transparent in length 175-3300 nm.

Microscope Axioskop 40A Pol

Optical polarized microscope

FTIR spectrometer Spectrum BX II

IR-spectrometer with Fourier transformation

Monochromator MDR-204

Малогабаритный монохроматор со спектральным диапазоном от 190 до 5000 нм

NTEGRA Spectra Nanolaboratory

Integration of Scanning Probe Microscope and confocal microscopy/Raman scattering spectroscopy.

Solar Simulator Oriel Sol1A

Solar Simulator Oriel Sol1A