Solar Simulator Oriel Sol1A

Type: instrument for measuring the basic parameters of photovoltaic converters.

Manufacturer: Newport Corporation(США/Германия)

Solar Simulator is certified to IEC 904-9 , JIS C 8912, and ASTM E 927-05 standards, this 4 x 4 inch, 450 Watt, source uses a xenon lamp and proprietary filter to meet Class A performance parameters without compromising the 1 sun output power. The illuminator housing provides a safe enclosure for the lamp. It is equipped with safety interlock systems. An integral fan and filter blower provides forced air-cooling to maintain optimal lamp, optics and housing temperature. It includes an upgraded shutter for production-environment operation. The newly designed shutter for the Class A systems is a rugged, single-blade shutter designed for 1 million cycles. The shutter has a minimum exposure time of 200 ms and can be controlled via a contact closure or logic level input, or a convenient push-button switch on the illuminator housing. The lamp is an ozone-free xenon short arc lamp. Spectral characteristics can be correct by means of filters, providing simulation of various lighting modes (weather permitting):

The complex has a table for placing and fixing the samples with the system maintain the set temperature, and positioning the measurement head (probe). For measuring the solar cell complex includes KEITHLEY 2420 SourceMeter. The complex allows to study different parameters for photovoltaic inverters, such as:

 - current-voltage characteristic

 - short-circuit current

 - open-circuit voltage

 - conversion efficiency of light energy

 - ideality factor

 - dark current

 - filling factor

 - series and shunt resistance and other parameters of semiconductor structures.

Table for placing samples with the system to keep a constant temperature:

Controlled temperature range: from 15 to 35°C

Temperature measurement range: from -40 to 125°C (±0.25°C)

Cooling surface area: 15 х 30 cm2.

KEITHLEY 2420 SourceMeter 

The SourceMeter combines a precise, low-noise, highly stable DC power supply
with a low-noise, highly repeatable, high-impedance multimeter (

Source-measure capabilities:

-Source voltage from 5μV to 63V

-Measure voltage from 1μV to 63.3V

-Source current from 500pA to 3.15A

-Measure current from 100pA to 3.165A

-Measure resistance from 10μΩ (<10μΩ in manual ohms) to 21.1MΩ

-Maximum Output power: 66W.