Leonid Mochalov

Мочалов Леонид АлександровичBirth day: 17.08.1972

Post: IRCIMA Senior researcher

Academic rank: -

Academic degree: PhD in Chemistry

Telephone: +7-831-462-3314

E-mail: mochalovleo@gmail.com

Thesis: Thermodynamics of uranium-containing compounds of M1P(As)UO6 (M1–H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs) and their crystalline

Research interests: 1. Development of plasma-chemical technologies of the deepest purification of initial substances for IR optics; 2. Plasma-chemical preparation of high-pure chalcogenide bulk samples for IR fider drawing with extremely low optical losses; 3. Preparation of chalcogenide films of different chemical content by PECVD via volatile elements; 4. Formation of 2D and 3D nanostructures into chalcogenide targets; 5. 2D/3D plasma printing. 6. Advanced Lithography.

Primary publications:

  • Influence of Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Parameters on Characteristics of As–Te Chalcogenide Films / L. Mochalov, A. Nezhdanov, M. Kudryashov, A. Logunov, A. Strikovskiy, M. Gushchin, G. Chidichimo, G. De Filpo, A. Mashin // Plasma Chem. Plasma Process. 2017. Vol. 37. P. 1417–1429.
  • Synthesis and properties of AsxTe100−x films prepared by plasma deposition via elemental As and Te / L. Mochalov, A.Nezhdanov, A. Strikovskiy, M. Gushin, G. Chidichimo, G. De Filpo, A. Mashin // Opt. Quant. Electron. 2017.  Vol. 49:274.
  • Comparative study of nonlinear optical properties of Ge-S-I glasses with different macrocompositions / D.A. Yashunin, А.P. Velmuzhov, А.V. Nezhdanov, А.А. Murzanev, Yu.А. Malkov, M.А. Kudryashov, А.I. Mashin, L.А. Mochalov, А.S. Lobanov, А.I. Korytin, A.V. Vorotyntsev, V.М. Vorotyntsev, А.N. Stepanov // J. Non-Cryst. Solids. 2016. Vol. 453. P. 84–87.
  • Influence of the preparation technique on the optical properties and content of heterophase inclusions of AS2S3 chalcogenide glasses / L.A. Mochalov, A.S. Lobanov, A.V. Nezhdanov, A.I. Mashin, M.A. Kudryashov, A.V. Strikovskiy, A.V. Kostrov, A.V. Vorotyntsev, V.M. Vorotyntsev // Optical Materials Express. 2016. Vol. 6. P. 3507–3517.
  • Comparison of optical properties and impurities content of Ge-Sb-S-I glasses prepared by different methods / L.A. Mochalov, A.S. Lobanov, A.V. Nezhdanov, M.A. Kudryashov, A.I. Mashin, A.N. Stepanov, A.I. Korytin, A.V. Vorotyntsev, V.M. Vorotyntsev // Optical Materials Express. 2016. Vol. 6. P. 3759-3765.
  • Preparation of Silicon Thin Films of Different Phase Composition from Monochlorosilane as a Precursor by RF Capacitive Plasma Discharge / L.A. Mochalov, R.A. Kornev, A.V. Nezhdanov, A.I. Mashin, A.S. Lobanov, A.V. Kostrov, V.M. Vorotyntsev, A.V. Vorotyntsev // Plasma Chem. Plasma Process. 2016. Vol. 36. P. 849–856.
  • PECVD synthesis of As–S glasses / A.V. Vorotyntsev, L.A. Mochalov, A.S. Lobanov, A.V. Nezhdanov, V.M. Vorotyntsev, A.I. Mashin // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. 2016. Vol. 89. P. 179–184.
  • Preparation of Ge-S-I and Ge-Sb-S-I glasses by Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition / L.A. Mochalov, A.S. Lobanov, A.V. Nezhdanov, A.V. Kostrov, V.M. Vorotyntsev // Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. 2015. Vol. 423–424. P. 76–80.
  • Preparation of glasses in the Ge–S–I system by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition / L.A. Mochalov, M.F. Churbanov, A.P. Velmuzhov, A.S. Lobanov, R.A. Kornev, G.P. Sennikov // Optical Materials. 2015. Vol. 46. P. 310–313